The most comfortable way to lie on the beach

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The new BeachPillo will change the way you lie on the beach.
Tired of having nowhere comfortable to put your head while relaxing on the beach?
Tired of rolling up your clothes to make an uncomfortable temporary pillow
or having to rest your head on your arm or your bag?

Are you getting up from your beach towel and finding that your back and neck are both
very stiff?

Well you no longer need to worry as the BeachPillo is indeed the most comfortable
way to lie on the beach. Whether you like to lie on your back or side, the BeachPillo is
the most comfortable way to lie on the beach.

The BeachPillo is waterproof and beach sand can be easily rinsed off.

Although designed for use at the beach, the Beachpillo can be used at your poolside, in your garden, inside your home, on camping and hiking trips, in fact anywhere where you need to rest your head.
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